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All businesses are inherently different; we win at helping companies identify, implement, and manage marketing programs that meet their objectives. Scrape Inc. will help you improve brand perception, tackle brand communication issues, and increase client transactions.

Accelerate Growth & Increase Revenue

The idea behind the “Scrape” brand is that there is a lot of noise and BS out there!

Everyone claims they know what you should do to close more deals, attract more followers, appeal to more partners, or increase downloads. We want to “Scrape” and get rid of all the dirt and junk that is not serving your business. The result is a clear brand identity, complete with effective brand collateral, optimized content, and marketing campaign design that will actually help you appeal to customers. Don’t worry; we will work together to identify the best strategy for your business.


Our Clients Typically Report


60% Increase in Web Traffic Within 90 Days.

50% Increase in Customer Conversion Within 6 Months.

Organic Strategic Partnerships, Sponsorships, and Funding.

Why Choose Us

Build The Best Version of Your Business

We’ll help you design all the features that make up your brand—logos, presentations, websites, brochures, landing pages, business cards, etc.

Increase Brand Awareness

Understand consumer behavior and implement strategies to attract customers that are ready to act.

Improve Your Brand Positioning

Stand out from your competition with unique and relevant marketing collateral.

Sustainable Growth Planning

We start with the end in mind. Attract more customers, followers, or downloads.

Grow Your Business

Well-known brands simply generate more revenue from brand recognition; we’ll help you get noticed.

Leadership Team

Kimberly Simon

Kimberly Simon

Founder & Board Director

Nik Levnaich

Chief Technology Officer


Amanda Ritz

Chief Operations Officer

Clive Williams

Chief Strategy Officer

Dakota Zirk

Chief Marketing Officer

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