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When it comes to staying in touch with people, email is the most popular way to go. 

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels for building a following and customer base. But it’s not easy. Building effective email marketing campaigns takes work and strategy. If you want your email to stand out, it needs to be something special. Learn how to build a successful email marketing campaign with our step-by-step email marketing guide.

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How email marketing works

It’s simple really. Email offers so much more than other platforms. It’s the most personal way to communicate, and it delivers results! In fact, research shows that email is 40X better at converting prospects into customers than social media (Source: McKinsey & Company). More than half of us check our email on a smartphone or tablet.

How to start an email marketing campaign

Before unleashing your next email marketing campaign, ask yourself: Does my marketing email add value or address a problem that my audience will care about? Does it offer a solution to the problem, with my brand as the answer? Is it simple, personal, and well written? Will people think “this was hand-crafted for me!” when they open it?

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