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Marketing by email is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing. But, because it’s so simple to use and is used by everyone, it’s also one of the most effective. If done right, email can be a great way to build connections and retain customers.

The challenge for any business is how to make the most of this channel. Is your current email marketing strategy working well?

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What is email marketing?
Email marketing is the act of communicating with mass quantities of people through email. Email marketing aims to help companies connect with their audience, build trust, and effectively increase leads and generate sales for the business.

Why is email marketing important?
We must understand that not everyone is ready to buy from us right now. That’s why email marketing is important. It helps you to stay top-of-mind for when the prospect is ready to buy.

Email marketing is ranked “the most effective marketing channel”, beating out SEO, social media, and affiliate marketing. When it comes to staying in touch with people, email is the most popular way to go. It’s not just for nerds and business types, either. Around 94% of online adults use it, and nearly half of them check their messages on their phones.

Benefits of email marketing?
Email marketing’s reach is second to none. Even if Facebook and Twitter tank, your email list will keep growing. Email marketing is a great strategy for businesses to use for lead generation and growing their audience.

How to do email marketing
To get started, you need to build your email marketing list through lead magnets. Then you must segment your audience so that you can target them with personalized campaigns. Next you design the email series (campaigns) that will fulfill the goals of each campaign. Remember to include triggers and alerts about what happens if someone opens an email or clicks a link within it. We can help with designing all of this – click here to schedule a discussion!

What is a good open rate for email marketing?
Open rate, also known as the deliverability rate, is an indicator of how many recipients opened your email. This is an important statistic for analyzing marketing effectiveness and can vary greatly depending on which email service provider or autoresponder you use. On average, a good open rate is usually anything between 15% and 25%. However, email marketing benchmarks typically vary by industry.

How can email marketing fuel your overall inbound strategy?
Email is still the number one marketing channel, with some estimates saying that more than 5.5 billion people use email worldwide. With email marketing, you can reach customers on their own terms. And since email has an ROI of $38 for every dollar spent, it’s a valuable part of every business’ marketing strategy.

What is email marketing response rate?
Email response rate refers to the number of replies that you generate from your marketing emails (reported in percentage).

How much does email marketing cost?

While we cannot speak for every email marketing agency, we can certainly share cost for outsourcing your email marketing services to scrape. There are many variables so these figures may vary based on the client’s specific requirements.

  1. Platform Only – Starting at $50 per month
    The Scrape Inc. customer portal integrates with a number of email marketing platforms. You can subscribe to the platform only and build and maintain your own marketing campaigns. For an additional cost, we can create custom branded templates for your campaigns. The reporting feature in our platform provides a clear view of all your marketing activities and is delivered to you weekly via an Executive Report.
  2. Full-Service Email Marketing Campaign – Starting from $980 per month

This option includes a dedicated Email Marketing Manager, the platform, email marketing strategy sessions and full content and visual production. Every month, your business will receive two email campaigns that are up to 5 articles with images. They will include custom graphics with an option to create all the copy with 2-3 revisions.  We typically recommend each campaign every 2 weeks with both campaigns delivered each month.

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How We Can Help

Website Launch or Revamp

Get your website built or revamped by experts. We’ll start with your brand and develop a creative design for your website, complete with keyword research, optimized content and full SEO.

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Our monthly service includes unlimited additions and edits to drive more traffic to your website.
Contact us to discuss your branding and website management requirements and get a custom quote.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We all know that op results in Google’s search have an average click-through rate (CTR) of at least 30%. By dedicating only 5 hours a month, we’ll drive more traffic to your website and boost your search engine rankings.

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Ask us about our location-based SEO service to help you attract more local customers to your establishment.

Social Marketing

Our social marketing service provides a platform to schedule and publish posts to all your social accounts from one place. The managed package means we’ll take care of all the content and engage with your customers to strengthen relationships and help you generate more leads.

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We’ll manage all your comments and mentions and even take part in industry discussions on your behalf. The best part is that you can track links and analyze all your social marketing from our platform.


Consistent Content

SEO Optimized and relevant content will do wonders for your business. We provide quality content for your email marketing, newsletters, press releases, blog posts, webinars and social media so that you can stay connected to your customers.

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This service will position you as the “experts” in your industry and not only drive traffic to your establishment but also get you noticed by the press for interviews with television and media outlets.

Graphic Design & Video Content

Our industry experts are on hand to help with all your still and moving graphic design requirements, including logo design, label design, menu design, brochure design, flyer design, business card design, sales deck design, listing design, social media profile design, content design and promo videos.
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Did we mention unlimited edits until we get it right? Yes, contact us now to learn more.

Digital Signage

We offer end-to-end digital signage so you can entertain, engage, educate and upsell to customers while they are waiting in your establishment. We also provide digital menu boards that are easy and quick to update, displaying menus, pricing, promos and notifications.

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Our sleek and powerful digital signage media influencers need to build the most effective content for your needs. All you need to do is power it up, make sure you’re connected to WiFi and connect it to your TV via HDMI for ongoing playlists in your establishment.

Review Requests & Review Responses

At Scrape Inc, we believe in truly listening to the customer’s voice. This service is designed to help you reach your customers by text or email and collect authentic customer reviews on websites that impact your success—the more, the better.

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Gathering your customer’s feedback and responding with personalized messages will increase your google authority by 100%. A local pizza restaurant invested in managing their online presence and reputation; they have now rated 4.9 stars and their sales increased by 30% in just one month!

Reputation Management & Loyalty

We’ll start with where you are right now and show you how your brand is perceived online. We’ll also implement our media monitoring technology to provide automated reports and alerts that keep you in the loop.

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You’ll have an ongoing view of what is being said about your brand and the industry online.
Finally, we’ll compile reviews of your brand from dozens of websites and use competitive benchmarking to measure your success. The result is improved search rankings, so you get featured exactly where your customers are looking for your services; improved listings as well as accurate and consistent information across multiple directories, review sites, and social networks.

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