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We help influencers stand out and attract more followers, media, and brand partnerships through strategic marketing. We are your one-stop shop for results-driven branding and marketing for influencers, empowering them to share their thought-leadership, reach the right audience, and get featured in media.

Marketing has become increasingly vital for Influencers—gone are the days where the referral was enough—there’s just too much competition. It is vital for influencers to build strong brands that communicate their value and stand the test of time.

At Scrape Inc., we love helping Influencers develop brands that connect with their audiences and keep them relevant. The best part is. We use technology-driven branding and marketing solutions to grow your network and automate processes at a lower cost.​

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Our solutions help our clients attract more followers, gain media/ press attention and secure more partnerships.

We work with Influencers across various industries and personalize their branding and marketing solutions to drive more value for their network and attract new partnerships. We’ll help strengthen your online presence, increase your brand awareness, attract more followers and ultimately get more business.


How We Can Help

Website Launch or Revamp

At least 80% of potential followers, partners or investors will google you before they decide on a next step. What if you took control of what they see? A carefully crafted website or webpage will make all the difference.
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Your website will introduce your brand and your values. We’ll also use this opportunity to help you stand out and build trust. Your website should be your best online representative.

Get your website built or revamped by experts from Scrape Inc. We’ll start with your brand and develop a creative design for your website; complete with key word research, optimized content and full SEO. Our monthly service also includes unlimited additions and edits to drive more traffic to your website.

Contact us to discuss your branding and website management requirements and get a custom quote.

Listing Builder

This solution aims to increase your discoverability, so you come up in more searches, rank higher and present clear, consistent and accurate information. The simple step of improving your business listing across the web, …

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directories, applications and other platforms will really contribute to your bottom line.


We all know, the top results in Google’s search have an average click-through rate (CTR) of at-least 30%. Managing your SEO will improve the reach of your messaging and help you attract more media, partnerships and followers.

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By dedicating only 5 hours a month, we’ll drive more traffic to your website, and boost your search engine rankings. Ask us about our location-based SEO service to help you attract more local media and gain the right press opportunities.

Social Marketing

Our social marketing service provides a platform to schedule and publish posts to all your social accounts from one place. The managed package means we’ll take care of the content too.

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We’ll engage with your customers to strengthen relationships and help you generate more partnerships. We’ll manage all your comments, mentions, and even take part in industry discussions on your behalf. The best part… you can track links and analyze all your social marketing from our platform.

Consistent Content

SEO Optimized and relevant content will do wonders for your brand. We provide quality content for your press releases, blog posts, webinars and social media so that you can stay connected to your customers.

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This service will position you as the “expert” in your chosen topic and help you get noticed by the press for interviews with television and media outlets.

Graphic Design & Video Content

Our industry experts are on hand to help with all your still and moving graphic design requirements including logo design, label design, brochure design, flyer design, business card design, sales deck design,…

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social media profile design, content design and promo videos. Did we mention unlimited edits until we get it right? Yes, contact us now to learn more.

Review Requests & Review Responses

At Scrape Inc, we believe in truly listening. This service is designed to help you reach your prospects by text or email and collect authentic reviews on websites that impact your success – the more, the better.

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Gathering your feedback and responding with personalized messages will increase your brand perception and authority by 100%.

Reputation Management & Loyalty

Reputation Management & Loyalty
We’ll start with where you are right now and show you how your brand is perceived online. We’ll also implement our media monitoring technology to provide automated reports and alerts that keep you in the loop.

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You’ll have an ongoing view of what is being said about your brand and your areas of interest online. Finally, we’ll compile reviews of your brand from dozens of websites and use competitive benchmarking to measure your success. The result is improved rankings, so you get featured exactly where your potential partners are looking for your offering.

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