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Build a Marketing Strategy that best communicates your brand’s core value proposition.

Marketing Strategy

One of the greatest challenges for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) is building brand awareness and effectively articulating their value proposition to potential customers, partners, and investors. This is why you must have a game plan!

Your marketing strategy draws on all the information you have gathered about yourself, your business, and your stakeholders. So nothing is just random. We’ll design a marketing strategy that helps you reach the audience you desire, share some knowledge with them, and attract them to take action towards connecting with you or buying from you. ​

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TIP: Your marketing plan should start by defining your value proposition, ideal customer, and measurable goals!

​A marketing strategy is often mistaken for a marketing plan. The marketing plan details the operational elements to achieve marketing targets (types of marketing, resources required, budget, timing .etc.), while the marketing strategy focuses more on the big picture and longer plans for communicating value, building brand awareness, and increasing brand credibility and attracting customers.

The main benefit of having a marketing strategy is that it helps you consistently communicate your competitive advantage to customers using the marketing plan. The marketing strategy provides the benchmark, which we will use to measure the success of marketing campaigns to the brand’s value proposition.

At Scrape Inc., we believe all companies are inherently different; therefore, your marketing strategy and marketing plan will never be one size fits. Remember, strengths are different, and we want to help you highlight yours!


We’ll Deliver a Marketing Strategy That Helps You:

  • Evaluate your core value proposition
  • Identify the best audience for your marketing plan/ campaigns
  • Contribute to company budgeting
  • Decide where to spend your money for maximum ROI
  • Measure what is working vs not and quickly pivot

We Help SMBs Build Marketing Strategies That Best Communicate Their Brand’s Core Value Proposition.

It’s worth it to start with a marketing strategy that way. You have a clear roadmap of what you are trying to achieve! We’ll take you through our simplified approach and build your marketing strategy for you!

Marketing Strategy

We start with evaluating your value proposition – all stakeholders should be very clear on why the brand exists, what the company is offering, to whom, why, and what makes you unique.

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We will work with you carefully to consider the updated 4 Ps of marketing—People, Processes, Programs, and Performance. The output here will be a clear document that outlines who the company/individual is, what their purpose is, who they serve, how they do it, and why customers should choose them over the competition.

Marketing Plan

We’ll use the research we have done on the company, the industry, and prospective customers to create your SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats).

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We will also complete a segmentation exercise that informs you of the best way to target your audience using segmentation (demographics, geography, interests, etc.)

This information will help us identify specific activities we can do to effectively communicate value and reach your goals. The output is a marketing plan that includes recommended marketing activities to ensure you spend your money where it counts, tailors your messaging, and identifies the best outlets to reach your target audience. We’ll even provide a checklist of tips to consider during your Marketing Plan Rollout.

Marketing Plan Rollout

You can choose to take the plan we develop for you and implement the marketing plan yourself.

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Or let us manage the complete rollout and success of your marketing plan.

Copy Writing and Design

We will develop the optimized content and take care of all the design for your marketing activities.

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Including blog content, webinar content, ad design, social media campaigns, and any other collateral required for marketing.

Launch Campaign Design

If you are at the launch phase of your brand, you’ve come to the right place!

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We excel at helping companies design their launch marketing campaigns.

Marketing FAQs


What Is a Marketing Strategy?

The marketing strategy defines the company’s value proposition, goals (short, medium, and long-term), proposed strategies, channels, action plans, investments, and timelines for marketing purposes.


How to Create a Marketing Strategy?

Start with a clear definition of who you are, what your core value proposition is, what your competition is doing, and whom you are targeting. This will provide structure for all your marketing research and help you develop an effective marketing strategy.

What Is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Digital marketing refers to the use of the internet and other digital channels to market yourself or your business. Digital marketing includes computers, mobile, email, social media, display advertising, and more. A digital marketing plan documents your digital marketing goals, what you plan to do to meet the goals, which digital channels you will use, and the timelines associated. Your digital marketing plan should be a part of your marketing strategy and overall marketing plan; this ensures that it is still tied back to the bigger picture for the business.


What Are the 4 PS of Marketing?

Traditionally, the 4Ps of marketing have been Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. However, as businesses evolved and the digital marketing place became more prominent, strategic marketers such as Kotler & Keller argue that the Ps of marketing in today’s world are People, Processes, Programs, and Performance. At Scrape, we follow this approach in building our strategies. (Kotler, P. & Keller, K.L. 2012—Framework for Marketing Management, the 5th Edition).

What Is a Marketing Plan?

A marketing plan documents the specific marketing activities and timelines on how your business plans to reach its target market. It is a working document that defines the company’s mission, target market, services, marketing goals, strategies to reach the audience, and consideration of competition.

How to Write a Marketing Plan?

Start with developing a marketing strategy. The marketing strategy will ensure that your marketing plan links back to the business’s overall goals and considers the company’s core value proposition.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is usually included in the marketing plan. Social media marketing refers to the use of social networks and social media sites to market an individual or company’s brand.

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