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Manage your Online Reputation and Increase Customer Loyalty from One Platform.
Reputation Management & Loyalty

Reputation Management & Loyalty

The internet and social media revolutionized brand reputation management and the speed at which reputations can be built or destroyed. It is now easier and quicker than ever to gain or lose a sale or opportunity to your competition due to your reputation. Therefore, it is paramount for businesses to actively manage their reputation and increase the loyalty of customers they already have.

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A scrape, we believe accurate business info, active review management, and increased social media activity are vital to success for ANY business. Your reputation determines whether your customer decides to do business with you or not!

​We are a technology-driven marketing firm, and we have just the right tools to help you manage your reputation in the most effective and scalable way.

TIP: It pays to invest in reputation management! It’s easier to sell to customers who are already aware of your brand than not.


Our Tech-Driven Services Will Help You Take Control of Your Online Reputation & Increase Loyalty:

  • Monitor what people are saying about your brand online
  • Improve your visibility in local searches
  • Measure your success against your competition
  • Stay updated with automated alerts
  • Track the progress of your brand reputation through accurate reports

At Scrape, We Help SMBs Manage Their Online Reputation and Increase Customer Loyalty from One Place.

We compile reviews of your brand from dozens of websites and use competitive benchmarking to measure your success. We’ll also provide automated reports and alerts to keep you in the loop.


Online Reputation Management

Believe it or not, reputation management is crucial to your success as an SMB. At least 80% of people use online reviews to make a decision on whether to give you a chance or not!

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You’ve probably used reviews to make a decision. We provide real-time alerts of what is being said about your brand online.

Improve Your Search Ranking

We’ll help you get featured exactly where your customers are looking for your services through improved listings.


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Accurate and consistent information about your company across multiple directories, review sites, and social networks can really improve your bottom line.

Our Tech-Driven Services

Will Help You Take Control of Your Online Reputation & Increase Loyalty.

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  • Manage reviews
  • Respond to Google, and Facebook reviews in-line
  • Review response templates
  • Review Display Widget
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Review Statistics
  • Monitor listings
  • Citations
  • Listings Statistics
  • Competition
  • Mentions
  • Social monitoring
  • Daily Digest emails + Executive Report

Reputation Management FAQs

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation Management refers to what a brand says about itself and what others say about the brand. Reputation management is how a business monitors and manages its online reputation, including l, stings, reviews, and social media.


Why Is It Important to Manage Online Listings?

At the very least, your customers need to know you exist and find accurate and consistent information about your business across multiple websites. This is called “presence management.”

Why Is It Important to Manage Online Reviews?

Whatever your customers say about you online will affect the decisions of many potential customers. We help you understand what your customers are saying and respond quickly to negative and positive reviews.

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