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Identify Strategic Partnership & Social Engagement Opportunities That Will Fast-Track Your Success.

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships or Alliances are a HUGE way to increase brand credibility, growth, and revenue. At Scrape, we believe in fostering mutually beneficial partnerships that help businesses grow. We help companies develop strategic partnerships that are mutually beneficial, innovative, and growth-focused.

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We will also include social engagement recommendations when we plan your strategic partnership strategy. Social Engagement or Social Involvement refers to a company’s participation within its society or community. Typically, a company does not get paid for social engagement; they do it to serve others. We will propose and implement options for social engagement that include joining community activities, supporting initiatives, interacting, speaking at events, or volunteering.

TIP: Social engagement is a powerful marketing source for you and your brand. However, you must still be strategic about it. ​Strategic social engagement has many benefits for you and your brand:

  • Increase brand awareness and social capital,
  • Expand your networks,
  • Strengthen relationships with all stakeholders,
  • Improve health and wellness for your team by helping others,
  • Attract more customers, partnerships and employees,
  • Engage media and gain extensive coverage.


Our Strategic Partnership Services Help You:

  • Grow networks and inbound leads
  • Form alliances that close gaps to offerings
  • Extend your reach to other industries
  • Gain media coverage
  • Learn new skills & augment existing capabilities

At Scrape, We Help SMBs Identify the Best Strategic Partnerships and Social Engagement Opportunities That Will Fast-Track Their Success.

Any business can benefit from strategic partnerships and social engagement, regardless of how small it is. We’ll take you through our tried and tested approach and identify the best strategic partnership strategy for your brand:

Partnership Purpose

We start by identifying the purpose of the partnerships you are seeking. You may need to provide your services to a group of companies, partner with other companies.

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To market your business, partner with the media for coverage, find third-party resellers or even build brand credibility/ awareness through social engagement—we start with the end in mind.

Shared Values & Goals

The best partnerships come from organizations that have shared values and goals. We will develop a communication strategy and definitions that best communicate your organization’s values and goals.

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We work in partnership with you to define what types of partnerships and media coverage would most serve you and your business.

Identify Value-Add Partners

Once we are clear on the type of partnership, funding, or media we are trying to attract, we go out there and research for you.

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We’ll identify businesses and organizations that your company should approach and partner with. We also provide details on how you can frame the partnership so that it is mutually beneficial.


Content Generation & Design

Finally, you’ll need to discuss with that potential partner, but you must have a solid game plan and extremely targeted content. 

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We will prepare the content and presentation material for each partnership discussion. We are also happy to attend meetings and present the partnership proposals on your behalf if required.

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